November 12, 2007

Welcome to M()

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Its November 11, and there’s a lot to be happy about. I’ve got a great wife and kids (3). Its sunny. The Red Sox just won the World Series, the Pats are 9-0. Great job, great friends, great family Our youngest son at 7 months can crawl, stand, and loves to eat! It’s all good…Oh yeah, and on September 11 (good timing huh?) I came out to most of Microsoft as transgendered.Then, a month later, this became really public with this article. I’m still me, still the same person, but about to change the wrapper in a pretty significant way. Later this month, in San Francisco, I’ll be having “Facial Feminization Surgery”. When I come home I’ll be living fulltime as female… You can call me “Megan” then. (or Michael still… I’m not picky). Hence the M(). After that, it will just be “The New Normal”. That’s what I hope to start living soon thereafter. Life goes on. I plan to write here what’s going on between now and the surgery day(s), then document both how I’m feeling and how I’m looking….

Should be an adventure.


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  1. Bob said,

    Hi Megan,

    I wrote you a thoughtful message, but lost it when i typed in a wrong email address and hit the back button.

    First, thank you for a thoughtful and honest blog. Your writing is clear, honest, fair, information and helpful for all of us who are not familiar with transgender issues. It is wonderful to hear about your journey and your loving and supportive family and friends.

    I am a happy heterosexual. I do know people who are transgender and appreciate what you’ve shared so i can understand my friends better. Thank you.

    I have one request/suggestion. Would you consider doing something on your website to flag your new entry? Your journey has such great human interest and i enjoy learning what you and your family’s successful journey. Right now the only way for me to find your most recent post is to click on each of the catagory to see if there is any new postings. It would be so cool if we can see an asterik or something next to the catagory to show that there is a new posting.

    I am not a techy so i don’t know what i am suggesting makes any sense. I just want to know how i can find your new posting. Btw, i really enjoyed hearing about your trip home visiting your Mom and Dad, sisters, and family. I accidentally discovered that posting by clicking on a catagory.

    Keep up your positive attitude. Be happy and thankful that you can be the person that you are. We are should be true to ourselves.

    Best wishes, Bob and family

    Megan>> Hi Bob! Thanks for the very kind note… I am so fortunate that I have been able to be person that I am, and I have the great loving support of those around me to make this journey even easier.

    As for getting new posts, if you just go to, the top most page in the main stream is the newest post, its chronological from there down. The pages on the right are non-sequential, but the main body is new.

    You can also subscribe using RSS and a blog reader if that works for you too!

    I really appreciate the kind comments, and I wish you and your family the best as well.


    – Megan

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