November 30, 2007

Out of Surgery

Posted in surgery at 5:56 pm by Michael

Last night at about 630 I was out of surgery and was up to the room by eight. Today I’ve been resting, and trying to figure stuff out like – how to drink without choking when your nose is blocked. This stuff isn’t easy! Babies are way smart!

And was in for a couple of hours this morning (I sitll need lots of help), then after she left to get Peri and John, my mom and sister took over.

I was able to walk both this morning and afternoon around the hospital floor which felt pretty good. Except for the throbbing hedache and having no nose function, its all good!

We tried to take a picture, but we only have cell phones, and because of the great TOS, its virtually impossible to get pitures off… oh well – no one would be happy seeing these today. My head , nose, chin, ears, all totally wrapped…. tomorrow much of this can come off.

 Ok, I’m beat, this about all I can do for now…

Talk more soon!

Our Megan count is about 70/30. 🙂


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