December 4, 2007

The Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat

Posted in surgery, transgender at 5:00 pm by Michael

Vinko Bogataj – anyone remember offhand who this is? As soon as you read it you will immediately remember. He’s the crashing ski jumper from the Wide World of Sports. Year after year, they changed what the “Thrill of Victory” was, but they never changed “The Agony of Defeat”.

So, this morning, after a totally sucky sleepless night (more mouth breathing and dry mouth and drooling), I was ultra mega super looking forward to getting the nose packing out this morning. We went to Dr. O’s office to do it, went into the office to have Mira do the work, and she asked how I was and I said “Happy to get the nose stuff out!”

She says:

“Well, one more day!”

I lost it. Tears and all.

I counted wrong.

Today was just some sutures…

I knew that I should have picked “Janet” as a middle name, as in “Dammit Janet!” (no link required for that one now, really…)

Anyway, we went back to Cocoon house, I was um, dejected. So, took a nap, and then we went to go get Dim Sum at Yank Sing ( Everything was going great – we had a table pretty quick, Samwich was seemingly over the barf-a-thon, and he was chowing down. That little dude loves the tofu!

Then, out of no where – BLAMMO – all of it that he had eaten. Out out out! With extreme prejudice. Good thing that they had paper tablecloths. Back to formula for a while for him, which he’s been able to keep down no problem.

We went home, and went for a walk to get ice cream. We’ve found this awesome place Bi-Rite Creamery (note – I made a mistake (Di-Rite)on the original post and thanks to James, we can now give proper credit where credit is due. Thanks!), on 18th and Delores which makes fresh, organic, amazing flavors. Its about a 10 block walk, and that was the test for today to see if I could make it there and back.


I have to say that all of the running I’ve done for the past year has made it quicker for me to recover, and get strength back. I can’t wait to be able to run again.

Tonight, more real food – fish is the plan, and we’ll see how that goes. Samwich will be milk-limited again. I don’t think I could deal with another alimentary explosion.

I posted three new “after” pics on the picture page, as well as a new “before”, which was the side view. The three from today include a front, a profile and a chin up view.



  1. James said,

    Its Bi-Rite dear, not Di-Rite. Just thought you should know 😛

  2. Jenny said,

    BLAMMO???? kinda makes you wish you had your nose packing in still huh? hehehe San Fran sounds so nice even with all you had going on I hope to one day be there for the very same reason as yours !take care

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