December 16, 2007

Three Weeks Ago….

Posted in coworkers, family, food at 9:40 pm by Michael

The normalcy of it all is kind of stunning.

Yesterday, we had Dim Sum for breakfast, saw the Chipmunks movie, then went to Sorrentino (Italian) for dinner with some friends (saw someone from my old team there too – Hi Peter and Seema!), then they came over and hung out for a while. Really.

(We did get our new licenses in the mail yesterday – only four days after getting the temps! Quick!)

Today, I made breakfast for the kids (blueberry pancakes for Samwich – chocolate chip for Peri and John). I watched the Pats v. Jets (no surprises in the result there – but the weather certainly held down the score). After the game, we went to get Santa pictures in Redmond, and we dropped off the big kids after that at their mom’s.

We had dinner at home… put the Samwich to bed, and packed for Vegas.

Why is this even worth writing about? Well, only three weeks ago, I was at the airport in Seattle, just about to get on a flight to San Francisco, where the next morning I would have my first surgery. It was my last full day in “guy” mode.

Three weeks. Thats it.

Lots has happened in three weeks (well documented).

Tomorrow we get on a flight to go hang out in Vegas, for fun, for a couple days.

I love normal life.


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