December 31, 2007

Search Terms

Posted in meta at 7:21 am by Michael

One of the most fascinating things about having a blog for me, besides the comments and the content are the statistics. I get to see page views, but also interesting stuff like referrers (where people came from if it was a link) and also search terms that resulted in page views on my blog.

Here’s the total list from the past week (term first, then page view count):

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-12-31

Search Views

Megan Wallent 3
megan wallent 2
tired of shaving my head can laser get r 1
stretched truth 1

Search Views

megan wallent 3
transgender profile nose brow makeup 2
infected symbol 2
patriots symbol 1
martian from bugs bunny 1
Megan Wallent 1
transgender surgery pitures 1
bob dylan quoting 1
linda gromko md 1
megan wallent blog 1
Megan Wallent. 1

Search Views

megan wallent 7
marvin the martian 2
anh +wallent 1
meganwallent 1
megan wallent photos 1
did barney get sewd 1
megan wallent – pictures 1
“marvin the martian” 1

Search Views

megan wallent 7
“Megan Wallent” 2
removing adam’s apple w/o surgery 2
washington state dol email 2
Megan Wallent 1
alaska medical help of transgender 1
Chipmunks I’ve got no strings lyrics 1
marvin the martian 1
marvin the martian pix 1
megan wallent picture 1
Michael Megan Wallent 1
“monger pants” 1
bugs bunny space 1
Micahel Wallent Megan 1
i got a cold beer in my right hand the o 1
how to draw marvin the martian 1

Search Views

king county file name change 5
megan wallent 3
marvin the martian 2
Marvin the Martian 2
Megan Wallent 1
dan duckhorn divorce 1 1
wa.state/dol 1
pictures of bruise healing 1
from michael to megan 1
how to remove sutures pictures 1
picture compare before after tanning 1
seattle “santa pictures” after christmas 1
biohazard symbols 1

Search Views

megan wallent 6
marvin the martian 3
my surgery Ousterhout 2
“M()” wallent 1
m() wallent 1
wordpress megan wallent 1
enterprise rent a car 1
.why did barney get sued? 1
wa.state.dol 1
make appointment to court in king county 1
michael megan 1
“on hormones” “my new breasts” 1

Search Views

megan wallent 3
Megan Wallent 2
How to handle being shunned by family 1
post-op transgender+my photos 1
Marvin the Martian 1
bugs bunny martian 1

For web geeks, this list has GOT to be fascinating. A lot of these, I understand – searching for my name – I get it. But “Marvin the Martian”? Basically, every day for the past week, I got anywhere from one to four hits *per day* on that. Out of curiosity, I searched for “Marvin the Martian” on both Live Search and Google to see what would happen. On both, I looked through the first twenty pages of results, and couldn’t find my site. I really don’t get what’s going on. BTW, on the first twenty pages, I did find a site that gave the top twenty tips to Marvin for how to actually destroy the earth. Handy….

This one: “HOW TO GET A BIG BUTT TRANSGENDER”. HA! If someone finds a site on that, please TELL ME. Also, not sure that ALL CAPS is an effective search model.

“.why did barney get sued?” Huh?

“i got a cold beer in my right hand the o” Just search for this. Really. “How to Trade Hot Women for Cold Beer” – an interesting site.

“Chipmunks I’ve got no strings lyrics”. Ok, here I’m on Page 1 of Google, and link #7. But why oh why would anyone search for this?

“stretched truth” Interesting…. Again, not even CLOSE to the top of any search result page. Lots of politicians, and companies calling each other out for fake ads.

And, I’ll close out this section with “monger pants”. I saw this when I was drinking coffee. The coffee shot out of my nose I laughed so hard. I searched for this, and in fact, I’m on PAGE ONE of Google – last link. Here’s the link:

Lazy Sunday – December 2, 2007

“She has what can be best described as fish-monger pants. She ends up standing behind you while washing your hair, in order to not get water onto the nose …”

Two things: I get why people would search for “monger pants”. Perhaps a fish monger? Or someone looking for said pants. BUT, why on earth would anyone (even Marvin the Martian) when finding this summary on a search page, click on it?


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  1. CGHill said,

    For the past two years, I’ve been doing regular scrapes of the referrer logs to see what people were searching for that led them to my place, and a substantial percentage of them make no freaking sense whatsoever.

    You realize, of course, that now you’re going to get even more Marvin the Martian traffic, just for having mentioned the poor fellow. I hope this doesn’t ruin your day with an earth-shattering Kaboom.

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