January 17, 2008

Tilda Swinton Gets Sir’ed Too!

Posted in Identification, transgender at 10:05 pm by Michael

Tilda 1  Tilda 2 

Was listening to NPR tonight on the way to dinner (“Kasbah” in Ballard, which is Moroccan – very fun, and the kids loved it (all of ‘em)), and Tilda Swinton was being interviewed about her latest project. I was half listening, and I heard:

“If you wear trousers and short hair, in most hotel lobbies in the world people will call you sir.”

Now Tilda was “Orlando” in the same titled work, and isn’t unfamiliar with gender-bending, but come on, look at her face! Not super manly.



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  1. SarahR said,

    I had a genuine female coworker once who told me she gets even confused looks when she enters the girls restrooms.

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