January 23, 2008

Me Think You Have Fundamentally Misunderstood Cookie Eating Process!

Posted in family, humor at 9:22 pm by Michael

 Cookie and Prairie Dawn

I was watching Sesame Street with Samwich the other morning. There was a segment on with Prairie Dawn (blonde little girl w/high voice and very pink skin).

The little segment is about “First and Last”, and Prairie Dawn has set out five cookies for Cookie Monster.

Prairie Dawn Says: “Cookie Monster, which cookie do you want to eat first?”

Cookie Monster (cradling his face in his hands): “Ughhh….. no no no!”

Prairie Dawn: “Cookie Monster, what’s wrong? Which cookie do you want to eat first?”

Cookie Monster: “Me think you have fundamentally misunderstood cookie eating process!”

(Cookie Monster eats *all* the cookies at once.)

I laughed so hard, my nose hurt again. I’m not sure why this struck me as so funny… perhaps it was the googly eyes. Anyway, it was hilarious.


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  1. Richard said,

    I didn’t even see the segment… but that was funny, even in textual form! 😀

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