January 23, 2008

Why “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is like Having FFS

Posted in transgender at 9:08 pm by Michael

 the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Tonight I read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle to Samwich as his bedtime story.

Story summary:
– Sunday. Egg is on a leaf.
– Monday, caterpillar is born. He’s very hungry.
– Tuesday through Friday: He eats an ever-escalating shitload of stuff, gets a tummy ache.
– Friday Night: Builds a cocoon
– Two Weeks Later: Butterfly comes out

Now, I’m not saying I’m a butterfly. More like a moth. However, I was encouraged to eat everything in site before FFS, given that I would loose a ton of weight from being on the crazy no-food diet for an extended period of time. In addition, the name of the place you go to recover after FFS (with Dr. O) is “The Cocoon House”

And, it takes about two weeks to recover there before you can go home….

Coincidence? I think not! 🙂


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