January 28, 2008

No Wonder Samwich Loves Feist So Much

Posted in Samwich at 9:45 pm by Michael

Feist - Manly Addition 

I’ve written about how Samwich is hypnotized by the song “1234” by Feist (the song from the Apple Video Shuffle Ad).

Tonight, we were eating dinner, listening to the radio. Anh and I were eating dinner, Samwich was sitting with us, in his highchair at the table, eating cheerios. (He had already had dinner earlier).

He was being a little crazy, and then, all of a sudden, we heard the start of his fave song. Instantly, he stopped, looked up, and started swaying back and forth in his chair (dancing!), with his arms out forward. He did this for the *entire* song, with the same little smile on his face. (Of course, I turned the radio up!).

The song ends, and the DJ comes on.

“Feist, she’s Canadian. And, have you noticed, a little, um, manly. You never know, maybe she was born a he?”


Anh and I both looked at each other, cracked up, and Samwich of course, started laughing along too….

However, I don’t think he got the joke.


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  1. Kris said,

    I love that song! Damn, now I’m gonna go have to buy it so I can rock out in my car on the way home from work singing at the top of my lungs,” 1, 2, 3, 4!!!” : )

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