February 4, 2008

Ok, Deep Breath

Posted in friends, NE Patriots at 7:18 am by Michael

I’m over it. The Pats had an amazing season. They showed amazing tenacity, dedication and teamwork.

The first half of the year they were a machine. Scoring what my friend Viresh called “F-U Touchdowns” in the 4th quarter when they were up by a million.

The second half, they looked vulnerable – the Ravens, the Eagles and finally the Giants took an approach that came CLOSE to ending the perfect regular season: pressure Brady, press the recievers on the line, double or triple Moss. Scary close those games were. They had NO RIGHT to win the Ravens game. They got outplayed and got lucky.

Then, there was the amazing Jacksonville game – 26 for 28? In a playoff game? Unheard of! I thought that maybe they had figured out a way to beat the pass pressure/reciever pressure combo. Moss had what, one catch?

Then, we get to the Chargers – hobbled QB, and LT on the bench looking like a sulky Darth Vader. Brady with a 3 INT game? First red zone int in three years (since Champ Bailey picked him at the 1, and went 97 yards to crush them in 2005)? They barely win, very scary.

Then, WTF? Brady in a walking boot? Say it isn’t so! Doesn’t practice for three days?

The Pats looked solid in pregame, but then a nine minute drive? Having that end in a FG was a victory, somewhat, but wow, nine minutes? Mid to late 30’s linebackers don’t like nine minute drives. The ensuing touchdown from the Pats was awesome.

But then, two three and outs? In a row?

Oh, the horror.

With 2:42 left in the 4th, when the Giants got the ball back, I was petrified. We had a house full of Pats fans. Our friend Leslie (www.calmbyleslie.com) said to me: “Megan, you look like you are going to throw up.”

The moment right before Manning the Younger heaved the impossible pass, just as it looked like he was going down along with the Giants hopes, that was the moment of joy. Could it be? Could this imperfect perfect season really be?

Then, The Catch. Unbelievable.

From then on out, it was unevitable.

Two chucks from Brady into triple coverage from Moss, what are those 5% completion odds passes?

The screen was off before the game clock expired. I could not stand to see Manning the Elder celebrate.

Our guests filed out somberly. Anh and I cleaned up, and I worked till midnight.

It’s a new week. It’s going to be an awesome week.

Congratulations Patriots, you guys were awesome. As Bono says “Some Days are Better than Others”. It’s ok.

Congratulations Giants, you are the Champions and you beat the best to get there.

Cathartic Blogging, its “A Good Thing”.


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  1. Kris said,

    Oh, I’m so sorry Megan! I was rooting for the Pats in my head even though I didn’t watch the game. Still, they made it to the Super Bowl.

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