February 21, 2008


Posted in hotel, Paris at 1:20 pm by Michael

The following thing is in our bathroom of our hotel (Hotel des Academies et des Arts www.hotel-des-academies.com ), we found the following “contraption”.


Here’s a closeup of the mechanism:

Huh Closeup?

Now, it’s important to note that we found no way to actually manipulate this at all. Not that we didn’t try. It looks like the “lever” can be moved down.


It can’t.

We have no idea what it is, or if it is anything.

Ah, Paris. The city of lights.

And odd stuff in your hotel bathroom.



  1. Rebecca Bryan said,

    It *might* be a support bar for wheelchair users to help them move from wheelchair to toilet and back again. They usually only come down after you’ve lifted the arm upwards – releasing it from the detent thingy.

    If you think that’s a weird bathroom thingy just wait until you go to Tokyo! I was so taken with heated bathroom mirrors and the techno toilets are fab!

  2. 1120kat said,

    that’s very interesting. if it weren’t for the fact that you weren’t able to manipulate the lever at all, I’d guess it’s a folding towel rack. As it is, maybe a handle for folks who need help getting off the toilet?

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