March 22, 2008

Dancing with Samwich

Posted in life, Samwich at 7:02 am by Michael

Anh and Samwich were going out of town to visit family for a few days. Wednesday night, before they left, Anh had gone out, and I was taking care of Samwich. He’s been a bit of a bear lately (don’t blame the bear!). He can walk, he can climb up stuff (stairs, chairs, you name it), he tries to jump, and generally, just in motion the whole time.

At the pediatrician’s recommendation (the common one), we’ve limited his bottle and milk intake to once a day for the bottle (in the morning), and only 4-8oz of milk (either whole or formula) per day. This is to change him over from getting calories by drinking to calories through food, and to help change his food mix as a result.

Well, it’s working. The little dude is an eating machine. Since he never started on a pacifier either, the bottle for him became a calming/soothing mechanism – especially in the hour before bed, and in the morning (we kept the morning for now).

A month ago, if he was cranky at 7pm or so (an hour before bedtime), we’d give him a bottle, he’d drink it, play with it, get kind of relaxed, and then we’d get him in his nighttime outfit, read some books, and he’d do great.

Now, without the bottle, soothing the Samwich is a little harder. We didn’t want to just replace the bottle w/the sippy cup either, since that kind of defeats the whole purpose…

Anyway, after playing with him, reading to him, cuddling him, well, he was still the bear-shaped child.

I had to bring out the heavy weapons.


I put the CD in, turned up the volume, selected his song (“1234”), picked him up, snuggled him in tight, and started to sway to the music, singing along to the song, quietly in his ear.

1234 tell me that you love me more

He loves that part. Immediately, he calms down, hugs me hard, and really starts to relax. We get to the chorus.

Ohhh uh oh you’re changing your heart
Ohhh uh oh you know who you are

Now he’s really relaxed, and we are gently swaying in our living room lit by the lights of Seattle.

We get to the chorus again:

Ohhh uh oh you’re changing your heart
Ohhh uh oh you know who you are

He starts singing the “Ohhs”… I thought was going to melt.

I hit repeat on the CD player, and we did the song a couple of more times, swaying along, singing together.

It was a moment.



  1. Cerise said,

    Hi, first time commenter. I found you through Ariel M. Stalling’s Flickr stream.

    This post got me missing my nephew Oz. He’s 16 months now and only wishes to cuddle when forced into the rocking chair at bed time. And the ONLY song he’ll fall asleep to (at least for me, little sonuva…) it “Songbird” by Christine McVie. And I have to be the one singing it. Then he gets all limp and squashy and does his melt-your-heart collapse into sleep.

    Love your blog…

  2. Samantha said,

    You’re very blessed Megan! If it wasn’t for my own nephews and neices I’d be more heartbroken and upset about not having had, nor ever able to have, children. I have a nephew Sam, who I’ll be seeing in a few days. He’s my newest, and my brother and sister-in-law really touched me deeply when they named him after me!

    Ever see “Under The Tuscan Sun” with Diane Lane? That was me when they told me they were expecting. When he was born and my brother called to tell me the wonderful news I was speechless: “I just thought I’d call and let you know your namesake was born today!”

    Rock my world Bro!

    Gee, and I was worried he wouldn’t accept my changes… Silly girl!

    I have a an additional blessing, kids just love to fall asleep in my arms. It’s my not so secret anymore super power. My nephew Alex, first time I ever held him, passed out and slept on me for two hours while my sister and I talked. When my brother-in-law came home he was stunned. Especially since throught twists of fates it was the first time I’d been in the same room as Alex in over a year.

    Your dancing with Samwich (have I mentioned I love that nic?) is a great memory to treasure. Dawn’s on me that’s an even better nic given the eating machine he’s becoming…

    I’m officially green eyed with envy right now Meg! Don’t worry, before to long he’ll be standing there having a fit because you wouldn’t do things his way…

    As the song says: “You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back, there the days that go by so fast…”

    I too love your blog, Rock on “Exploder Girl!” you’re doing great!

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