March 24, 2008

Into the Wild

Posted in friends at 6:06 am by Michael

Over the past couple of nights, I’ve been watching “Into the Wild”. Jon Krakauer is one of my favorite authors – Into Thin Air and Into The Wild being two of his best…. I’m waiting patiently for the next.

It’s a very good adaptation of book to a novel, especially one which is seeming as hard to film (because the main character spends so much time alone – think “Castaway” without the coconut).

The main character, Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) is the ultimate tramp and loner. He walks away from all the relationships that he both has and makes on his journey. He consistently tells everyone who he meets that relationships are transitory and unimportant – that the real relationship to be had is between the self and nature.

At the end, as the main character is dying, alone, cold and starving (sorry, spoiler), he comes upon a new perspective:

“No true happiness without friends.”



  1. Violet said,

    I both read the book and saw the movie. I liked the book… can’t say the same about the movie. The one thing I had a problem with was how he [Alexander] was shown almost as a hero, as opposed to someone who apparently had a psychotic break with reality. People who want to commune with Nature usually make the effort to prepare themselves beforehand. Although, I think the movie did a fairly good job of showing that, I think. But like you said, he wasn’t running *toward* anything. He was really just running away. (Sorry, I have the habit of poking my opinion into other people’s business.)

  2. Kris said,

    I haven’t read the book or watched the film… I don’t think I can. It just seems so sad. There’s always been something to me about dying alone… it makes me utterly depressed. I don’t think that I could enjoy the film or the book at all, but I’m glad you did.

  3. David said,

    Into the Wild was an inspiring book to read; not because of the death or beliefs of Chris McCandless, but because of his ability and willingness to follow his dreams and his heart to what he wanted in life. We all have our hopes, dreams, and ambitions and this story shows the effort that is required to reach them. In that sense, I think the story has great benefit and merit.

    I also greatly enjoyed Into thin Air and the two have stirred up and added to my passion for adventure in the outdoors and ways to incorporate those things into my future career.

    Megan, please continue to pursue your dreams. I greatly enjoy readying your writings.

    David M.

  4. Leslie Evans said,

    Hey! Spoiler alerts are supposed to be more clearly delineated!!!! Like this:

    ***** SPOILER ALERT ********

    [and then several carriage returns before you say]

    Rosebud’s his sled.

    You can’t just go chatting along and then say (sorry spoiler) Rosebud’s his sled. That’s not enough warning!!!!

    BTW, I’ve already read the book, so I know how it ends. I’m just avoiding doing my taxes so I’m here kvetching instead. 😀

  5. Sara said,

    I am so fascinated by this guy’s story…read the book, saw the movie twice, bought the DVD, Netflix’d the special features (grr, Target!), can’t stop watching it. I went to school in Fairbanks and actually walked a few miles of that trail…couldn’t bring myself to plan an actual trek to the bus. So interesting!

    And if you’re up to it, check out these Flickr pics (not mine!). Amazing.

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