March 28, 2008

The Opposite of Into the Wild

Posted in family, life, travel at 12:33 pm by Michael

Today starts “Spring Break” for my older kids.

It’s snowing. It’s cold. It’s gray. It’s Seattle. Its March.

The View From My Office, 3/28/2008

Time to get away.

We are going to the polar opposite of Alaska (at least in the USA) – Florida. More precisely, Disneyworld. All five of us.

Now this, this should be interesting.

Anyone want to guess what the “Crappy Look Counter” over/under will be for the next 7 days?

FAQ: Yes, we do plan on getting Samwich Mickey ears that say “Samwich”

FAQ: No, I will not be getting Minney ears that say “Megan”



  1. Kris said,

    Have fun at Disneyland! The first and last time I ever went to Disneyland, I was 17. I think you’re kids will have more fun than I did. Good luck!

  2. Jenny said,

    Megan !!! enjoy !!!epcot is my favorite and it looks like an episode from star trek… if you would like to chat with a fellow Rhode Islander send me an email ok? i tried to find your email address but i could not find it on your site ….take care

  3. Catherine said,

    Hope you and the family are having a fantastic time!
    I emailed you today and thought I would check yor blog-
    now I’m jealous your on vacation : ) Enjoy the sunshine!

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