April 18, 2008

Ma is Coming to Visit

Posted in family, transgender, travel at 9:30 pm by Michael

I’ve been in Boston this week again for work.

I’m writing this sitting in seat 5C, JetBlue 497, back to Seattle. Back to Anh, back to Peri, back to John, back to Samwich.

I really miss them when I travel for work, and they can’t come with me.

This week when I called back home, Samwich started talking on the phone. I sung to him, he started talking back, and saying “Hi There!”. He whispers into the phone, and it melts my heart.

I realize that my blogging has slowed considerably in the past month. Here’s the deal: my job is taking a ton of my time, and I’ve been completely wiped out at night, and I’d rather spend time with Anh and the kids.

My mom gets worried when I don’t blog – she worries that there’s something wrong. She hates it when we talk and she asks me how I am and I say “Fine”. That’s in some ways code for “there’s something going on that I can’t explain right now”. I avoid saying “Fine”.

When we were in RI last month visiting Ma, Anh invited her to come out and visit.

I was in Boston this week for work, and she came back with me (JetBlue – my standard flight).

She met me at the Microsoft office, and came up to visit (she likes seeing where I work…).

Before she came, I had mentioned to a few people that my mom was coming today. Its funny, I think that folks were just as interested to meet her as she was to meet them. To sum up my mom, I told them the following story:

“When you meet my mom, I will say “Hi, this is my mom, Hilda”, and she’ll immediately say “Just call me Ma.” “

Guess what? I know my mom.

She hung out with me at the office for a while, and then we headed to the airport. We were walking to the elevator, and I said to her “Come on Mother.” (This is a loving way to talk to her – really…) She said to me “Coming Daughter.”

She and I hadn’t really been around each other much since November. We got in really early to the airport, and went to just sit down, and we caught up. We talked, we both got a little weepy – talking about my dad – and how he’d feel about his newest daughter. Ma loved the post that I made about the Superbowl, and talking football with my dad, and also the Homecoming post that I made when we went back to visit last month.

At one point, she said to me: “You know, just sitting here, looking at you, in the different light, you are really beautiful.”

She’s my mom. She’s biased.



  1. Jenny said,

    I agree with your Mom ! remember Moms are ALWAYS right! you are beautiful!! have a nice week and have a little samwich .. sounds like a ham samwich ..hahahah

  2. cheska said,

    Awww … that is too sweet! 🙂

  3. Karin said,

    Megan, I passed you in a hallway the other day. It was the first time I saw you in person. I was racing from meeting to meeting, running late. The hall was jammed with people coming out of a Town Hall meeting in 43. You were racing the other way. I only had time for a flicker of a smile – a happy surprise, but one I didn’t have time to act on. I almost blurted out your name, but it would have been ridiculous, like someone who spots a celebrity of the street and calls out their name because they know them well, then realizes its a one-sided relationship. You gave me a little smile and kept going. It’s not just your mom; you ARE beautiful. There’s a little nimbus of charisma around you. I felt happier for passing you in a hallway jammed with hurrying people and cold pizza.

  4. Carol Swales said,

    Megan, I read your interview on Microspotter and just had to check out your blog. That portrait of you is stunning! Obviously your mom is right 🙂 I just hope that I can always have such a close and accepting relationship with my son.

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