May 19, 2008

Politics at Work – Probably a “Bad Idea”

Posted in Identification, life, work at 11:17 pm by Michael

Remember the SNL skit for “Bad Idea Jeans“?

I felt like I was in that skit last week.

I was at a work thing (I won’t go further…), but it was at the time “non-work”, in that people were talking about stuff that was non-work related.

The conversation, just like many conversations these days, turned to politics – the Clinton v. Obama race, McCain’s running mate, etc.

There was discussion about the polarization that was evident in the recent Democratic primaries – the high numbers of voters unwilling to vote for the other candidate:

“Barely a third of Clinton supporters say they’d vote for Obama over John McCain in a November matchup. As many claim they’d vote for Republican John McCain and a quarter said they would not vote for president. If that horse race were Clinton vs. McCain, half of Obama backers say they’d vote for Clinton, about three in 10 say they’d back McCain and the rest would stay home.”

I *really* tried to stay out of it. Really.

About half the folks in the room were Republicans, about half-Democrats.

Remember, I *really* tried to stay out of it. It’s work.

Then, someone asked me:

“Megan, who are you going to vote for?”

“Well, that’s a good question. I have to say that I can’t vote for someone that doesn’t think that my family should be a family.”

“That means either Obama or Clinton, right?”

“Well, it’s hard to tell because it’s hard to get a straight answer from any of the candiates, but Clinton and Obama are more open than McCain.”

(Here’s the chart)

On the positive side, some people who were on the McCain side actually commented that yes, this was a problem…. I honestly don’t know sometime how “activist” to be, and how much to just silently live and lead… it’s a tradeoff.

(BTW, I met Sen. McCain in 2001, while doing work on internet privacy. We had about an hour meeting, and I remember him as fiesty, but that one side of his face and one of his arms was more significantly injured than I had thought from seeing him on TV. I’ll hand it to the guy, I may disagree with his positions, but he’s honorable, and has served our country both in the service and in politics.)


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  1. Kris said,

    I know that I’m on the fence myself, as a democrat. I’m very unsure of what I’ll do if my person doesn’t get the nominee. I’m not sure if I’ll vote for the other Democrat or if I’d just not vote at all. I’ve pondered if I would vote for McCain, but I don’t think I can bring myself to that, not yet anyways. At this point, I’m kind of at a “wait and see” point.

    I understand your trying to stay out of it; I do that myself. But, if someone asks me my opinion on a topic such as that, then I’ll give it. They DID ask, after all.

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