August 15, 2008

My Summer Blogcation

Posted in life at 1:13 pm by Michael

“She’s alive!”



I really appreciate the kind pings and questions asking how I am, and why I kind of dropped off the face of the earth (at least from a blogging perspective) for the last three months.

My and the top of Samwich's Head

My and the top of Samwich

I’m good! Anh is good, the kids are good – its all good.

I will be back in the blogging spirit soon, and writing about our many summer adventures including:

– my high five lessons

– Alaska: Cold no matter when you go

– The examination of all parts of my stomach

I’ll leave you with this nugget – Feist counting to 4….

Happy Summer!



  1. SarahR said,

    Good to have you on the blogosphere again 🙂


  2. Sara said,

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed visiting my home state. 🙂

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