August 23, 2008

More Pictures

Posted in transgender at 11:36 pm by Michael

I haven’t posted a lot of pictures lately… so, here’s a few.

Me, August 2008

Me, August 2008

Last fall, Anh and I were in Hawaii as well, and I was wearing my normal head-garb – Boston hat and sunglasses. Here was me then.

Me, Hawaii 2007

Me, Hawaii 2007

When I was looking through the pictures that we took on this trip, I was struck by basically the exact same picture (well, different profile), but basically the same. Here it is:

Me, Hawaii 2008

Me, Hawaii 2008

I have a hard time seeing the difference.  Now, I wasn’t trying very hard – this was the beach after all.



  1. Samantha said,

    The goal my dear of a good surgeon is to have the result of his work to look authentic and natural. You went to one of the best on the planet, and he did his usual great work. Me, I can so clearly and easily see the difference, but it’s subtle and real, not plastic. There’s also the difference in the energy you radiate in each picture. You look more real, more comfortable, more you than you did in the earlier shot, and that’s probably the best part. The two of you look like you could be related, fraternal twins even, but Micheal looks like a boy, and you my dear do not…

    I love the top picture with you in the green blouse, that’s a great shot and you look distinctly and unquestionably female.

    There’s also the concept of cammo, which isn’t just the OD green or sand kind the military & rednecks favor. Cammo as in that old “uniform” of sorts, takes you to a place and time outside of gender and “Try/Catch” loops. It’s a kind of timeless, spaceless, energy of the moment that transends “things” where you’re just you. Because by nature of our history we are somewhat more chameleons than most, I can see how you might have a harder time seeing the difference, because its a place, a feeling you know well.

    From here however, no worries, I’d never mistake Megan for Micheal or vice versa… Megan is clearly a “superclass” taking in all the properties and elements of Micheal without becoming Micheal.

    Rock on Girl and welcome back!


  2. I agree with Samantha, there are subtle differences between to two ball cap photos, but the latter one looks more feminine. I do love the Anna Wintour-esque shades in the last one though. 🙂 I’ve always liked hat style, though I think tha me attempting to pull it off always ends up a hysterical failure.

    The top photo is very lovely of you as well. As always, I love reading your blog Megan. Have a good day!

  3. Jenny said,

    you look beautiful !!! enjoy your life its yours now not Michael’s and hug the Samwich for me!

  4. I just ran across your blog via a post on–and I wanted to respond to this post of yours and say that I very clearly see a man looking out of the 2007 photo and a woman looking out of the 2008 photo. And a very pretty woman, too, one who looks comfortable in her skin, which is really the essence of real beauty, isn’t it?

  5. em said,

    I ran across your blog researching the corporate culture at Microsoft. I’m first of all excited that Microsoft was open to your transition. But I did want to comment on these pictures. I totally agree with “Sidewalk Monkey.” The first picture is clearly a male and the second one is clearly a female. No confusion. I look at the two side by side and say “oh, they must be brother and sister.” You look so much more happy in the second photo! I’m excited for you!

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