September 12, 2008

Samwich Rates the iPhone

Posted in family, Samwich at 9:37 pm by Michael

My son, the traitor.

Samwich has a very simple rating scheme for things.

Things that you can eat are rated either:

– Ah! (with mouth open): Translation: “Give me more, now. Didn’t you hear me? I said now.” Things in this category include M&Ms (yes, we are bad parents), fried rice and sushi.

– No! (shaking head): Translation: “This stuff is foul. Are you trying to kill me with this crap?”. If not obeyed, this expression will be followed with the self-evident “Ptoey!” with the accompanying ejection of said objectionable material.

Non-edible things that are cool are rated “Whoa!”, generally with his lips pursed into an “O” shape, and sometimes accompanied with a point at the “Whoa” rated thing.

Things that have been rated “Whoa!” before include airplanes, dogs, Elmo, car wheels, and digger-like machines. The maximum “Whoa!” rating ever received was three. For Elmo.

Until today.

Sitting on the airplane, waiting to go back to Seattle from the Out & Equal conference (more on that in another post), Anh was showing him the latest Conde Nast Traveler, looking for “Whoa!” things.

He flipped to the back cover, which has an iPhone ad – showing the face, with the “desktop” icons visible (just about life size).

Samwich sees this and goes “This is Whoa!”, and starts pointing to it, trying to press the buttons. Now, the fact that he strung the phrase “This is” on the front of the rating gives it even more weight (little dude is only 18 months old now, so three words is pretty good).

He proceeds to rate this 13 “Whoa!”’s, a new record.

To add insult to injury, he starts to kiss and slobber all over it.

Samwich, iPhone, get a room!

Anh says “Looks like mommy needs an iPhone….” Giggling.

Maybe we’ll just laminate the back of the magazine and call it done.


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