January 28, 2009

O Ya – Oh Yeah!

Posted in food at 9:36 pm by Michael

La Ratte Nigiri

La Ratte Nigiri

If you are in Boston, and if you like sushi (or are willing to try sushi), if you have one dinner, go here.


Anh and I are big sushi fans. We have had the fortune to try sushi from a lot of places – Seattle, New York, LA, Las Vegas (yuk) and of course Tokyo.

Even given that, probably the most memorable experience has been at O Ya.

Its non-traditional – one of the funkiest things they serve is “La Ratte potato chip” nigiri style (in the foreground of the picture). La Ratte is a type of potato made famous by Joel Robuchon with his whipped potatoes Robuchon. (If you go to any Joel Robuchon restaurant – you MUST have them – world famous).

Here, they create a La Ratte potato chip, and serve it nigiri style with a little black truffle and truffle oil. Sounds absurd, and it is.

Dessert was a roasted fois gras on top of a sweet rice roll with a little bitter chocolate on top. I can’t even explain.

Make a reservation.


Get the chef’s menu.



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