April 17, 2009

Bad Day

Posted in life at 4:40 am by Michael

I had a bad day yesterday. Not a galactically bad day – nothing *bad* happened, but I didn’t have a good day.

Maybe it was the jet lag. Maybe it was being stressed at work (first full day back in two weeks).

In a meeting of about fifty or so people, someone referred to me as “He”. This is not new, and yes, it still happens. This time it really bothered me… a lot. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t worked w/this person before, and he never knew “Michael”.

I think it bothered me so much because it reflected how I was feeling inside: Not Cute. Not enough running, too much food, not enough electrolysis (what an utter pain in the ass), my eyebrows are out of control, and I need new hair (cut and color).

Deferred human maintenance isn’t a good thing….



  1. brian said,

    Dang sorry to hear you had a bad day. It’s pretty cool how you can pinpoint the root or the triggers that form said “bad day.” To recognize the things that push our buttons is huge. If you are interested in the mental mechanics of it all, you might find this interesting:


  2. Ronaldo Souza said,

    I know what you felt because I had felt it yesterday. One good sleep nigth and good make-up changes the game.

    Best Regards,

    Ronaldo Souza, from Brazil

  3. Jenny said,

    Megan electro is a pain in the a** but i just can’t seem to stop …weird huh? i hope your all well and happy ? take care HUGS Jenny

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