April 30, 2009


Posted in life at 11:22 pm by Michael

Tonight is the last night of MMS 2009 (Microsoft IT Management conference) in Vegas. To *celebrate*, I was playing blackjack at the Mirage. (Shoe, stay on soft 17, surrender)

Well, a guy, probably in his late 20’s, and D-R-U-N-K sat down in the seat next to me. First hand I lost (20 to dealers drawn-to 21), he says:

“You want a backrub?”

Me: “No thanks.”

Couple more hands….

“It will be relaxing.”

Me: No reply.


Dealer: “Hey, She’s Married!”

“Backrub’s ain’t cheatin'”




  1. LOL! Welcome to the ugly part of womanhood!

  2. Barf. That gets so damn old.

  3. Matt said,

    Megan? you know what this means? you win. You totally win at being a woman. You win. you’re a woman now.

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