April 25, 2013

Transition Day

Posted in family, friends at 2:29 pm by Michael


It’s been a busy couple of days. Tuesday night was haircut night (had to work late). Yesterday was name change day. Today was implants out day. The implants have now left the building. (We are back from the 11am process.)

Tomorrow will be take a nap day.

Doing name and gender change stuff is much easier today than it was six years ago. The WA DOL has a very clear process on changing the gender marker on your license.

The US Department of State has an even clearer (and more kind) process for changing the gender marker on your passport. Basically, you need a letter from your doc, saying that the process is complete, and without any additional passport approval they will issue you a new passport with the proper gender marker.


I’ll get those docs tomorrow from my doc, and finish that up too.

Two companies through this process that have stood out. FirstTech Federal Credit Union and Alaska Airlines. Both were kind and quick.

I feel so fortunate to have the support of friends and family, but also to live in a time and place where not this isn’t normative but at the same time won’t get you harassed, jailed or worse.

More to come on the answer to the question: “How are you feeling?”



  1. BB said,

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is your openness and the joy you take in the simple but paramount act of being wholly you that makes you so beautiful. Thank you; it is an honor to be part of your story as a supporter.

  2. Licia said,

    You are so blessed and clearly very loved by your family and friends. I kept checking for new blog entries …FOR THE LONGEST TIME!

    Finally you post something and I had to read it twice – I noticed the date was off, I thought the blog was hijacked, (yeah, I know what was I thinking you are a techie) my mind was spinning and processing about as fast as an old commodore 64.
    The old noggin is in limbo on the roll back to Michael. Challenged my brain, like when my son asked me where space ended.
    I am glad you made the best health choice for yourself and your family.
    I do miss reading about your life and family. I don’t know if it is how you sew the words together or because our worlds are so different. Maybe it is the pureness in your writing from your heart? Wish I had the gift of writing so well. I do appreciate you opening the shades once in a while for people who follow your blog.
    Thank you for the update, sending the warmest wishes and thoughts your way.
    A Mom in Midwest cyberland

  3. Danielle said,

    I missed this information when you were dealing with this (I was less than a month from SRS at the time, so life was pretty hectic and necessarily very self-focused for me.) I hope you are at peace with your life now.

    I thank you for being so open about your journey, too. One of the resources that I used with the HR department of my then employer for my own transition was a business magazine’s article on your transition. It helped me a lot. At the time I was employed by a large public university in the US; they’d had others transition but, due to multiple reorgs, the information was lost so I had to do a lot of educating.

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