February 12, 2008


Posted in birthday at 7:56 am by Michael

Yup, I’m 39 today. I walked into my office this morning (a little earlier than usual), and it was decorated – balloons, confetti, banners, the whole deal.

Birthday Girl!

Today will be just another day in the office — I’ve got a full calendar, a lot of email to catch up on, and lots of stuff to get done.

Tonight we have the big kiddos, and we’ll go out to dinner like we do virtually every Tuesday night (Peri has art until 6pm, so its the best choice).

I dressed up a little bit for work today… heels and all! (no makeup though…) It is *my* birthday after all.

Lots of changes since 38 – Samwich, my job, my gender, but hey! Its all good!