February 21, 2008

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Posted in invention, Paris at 1:27 pm by Michael

When walking around Paris earlier in the week we saw two interesting sights that neither Anh nor I had ever seen before. (sorry, no pics).

First thing was a towtruck with a crane-arm on it, and a cradle to pick up the car. The parking here is so tight, that it would be virtually impossible to maneuver a car out of a space w/a classic towtruck. So, why not just lift it out and up! Ingenious!

Second thing. Clearly, elevators are at a premium in the local apartments. We saw one moving truck, and to help them with what would have been a five story walk-up/down, they had a small pickup truck with a bed-mounted extension arm that had a mini freight elevator on it. The pickup was parked right behind the moving truck, and the telescoping arm was pointed at the window of the apartment they were servicing. Brilliant!

What will they think of next? (See previous post – “Huh?”).