December 5, 2007

Woo Hoo

Posted in food, friends, surgery, transgender at 2:40 pm by Michael

Last night, I had this zen moment about how I was going to get through one more night of mouth breathing. It was going to suck. I knew it was going to suck. I was going to sleep and hour, wake up, have to rinse out my mouth, repeat.

You know what, from 12am to 730am I did it, and I woke up feeling better than I have the whole time we’ve been down.

We got up, Anh showered, showered with the Samwich (daily ritual), I got a shower, and a hair wash. We had enough time, so we went to go get coffee, and a short walk. I got “Ma’am”’ed for one of the first times!

After we got back, Anh said she had a craving for Vietnamese food and started looking for lunch places in the city, but I said “Why not just drive down to SJC and you get your fave stuff there”. We quickly made a reservation with Avis (got to love the Wizard number!) then we went to Dr. O’s to get my first big set of stuff removed. Mira drove me in, and on the way in she said “Wow, you are going to be gourgeous!”. I said “Wow, I still feel like one of the chimpmunks!”.

First step – chin dressing – gone. Most of the sutures for the chin – gone (one left for Friday).

Then she removed many of the bandages for my nose – not the hard dressing, but most of the soft stuff.

She removed the sutures under my nose, which felt a little like electrolysis, but not bad! My job – stay as still as absolutely possible!
Then, the nose packing (basically soft stuff inside my nose that was blocking me up for the past almost week). First nostril – better, but still blocked. Second nostril – WOW WOW WOW! I can BREATHE!

Mira then took most of the soft sutures out from my forehead, and I was done. Ecstatic! Excited! Only a few things left – and only two more days till home!

New pictures on the “Pictures” link.

We took off then downtown to the Avis office, rented a car, and drove to SJC, we went to one of Anh’s favorite Vietnamese haunts for lunch Vung Tau (in Santa Clara – off of S Santa Clara and 12th).

Sheila (celebrating the big 5-0) met us there, and now we are just all hanging out. I love it. Life as normal.

I can’t tell you how great I feel today. My strength is back, no narcotics for more than 36 hours, and my stomach feels normal. Plus, emotionally, I’m just elated.


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  1. M.A. Pomputius said,

    Hi, Megan — This makes for very happy reading, esp. after your down day yesterday! We’re so pleased for you guys (and envious of your tasty lunch)(BUT we had our first ever sandwiches today at Paseo, which takes second place to NO lunch spot, so not terminally envious). Sleep well!

    — M.A. & Walter

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