December 10, 2007


Posted in family, Identification at 7:05 am by Michael

If I seemed to trail off at the end of the next post, I did. I was falling asleep. I even did one of those “sdf.,s…s.” things… being a dumbass, I hit “Publish”, and had to fix at least the drool-written parts of it (the end). I tell Peri that stories have a beginning, a middle, and and end. Sorry last night didn’t have and end… I’ll get better.

Anyway, two things – about to go for a walk, just checking mail, and checking blog stats. New search term just popped up that made me SMILE big. No idea who, but someone searched for:

“Life with Samwich”

And got to me.

Ain’t it cute?

So this AM, we’ll go for a walk, then I go to court (Anh and the Sam-man stay here to wait for people to fix a leak in the roof – bad news in Seattle) to file papers to change my name. Then I go get makeup advice (thank you Jenny!), then I go back to court this afternoon, swear in court (COOL!), and walk out w/a piece of paper (or a bunch).

Fun stuff.

More later.


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