January 11, 2008

Who is Megan Megan and Why is She Getting My Email?

Posted in work at 10:47 pm by Michael

Ok, I’m a big doofus. When I filled out the online form to change my name I screwed up and in the legal last name box, which I didn’t intend to change, I typed “Megan”.

Megan Megan #1

There’s a separate field called “friendly name” which is used for the first name that shows in your email and on your badge. As you can imagine, I changed that to “Megan” as well.

It turns out that the friendly name change happens quickly – in hours, but the legal name change takes longer to get through the system – a few days generally.

So, after last Thursday, I was “Megan Wallent” in most systems, and “Michael Wallent” in others. No biggie.

Wednesday though, I was sitting in the Boston office just after getting in on the redeye and mail started coming to “Megan Megan”.

Megan Megan #2

Now, I generally don’t sleep super well on the redeye, but I wasn’t that tired and I didn’t think I was hallucinating.

After a couple of quick emails to the nice person in accounts that helped me change my name originally, it was fixed.

However, Megan Megan continued to send and receive my mail for the next day, until the new change rippled through the system.


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