January 23, 2008

Transitioning at Work, The Continuing Saga (Or Non-Saga)

Posted in coworkers, transgender, work at 9:39 pm by Michael

Today at work I was at an all-day training with the managers from all across my manager’s organization. There were about seventy-five people in the room.

This is a relatively common occurrence at work (training, lots of people), and I’ve done this a number of times before.

I was fascinated to see if this was going to be “different” for me, or not.

Totally, 100%, not.

No difference about how I was treated, no “extra” looks, same level of engagement, no issues.

During one of the breaks, I was having a discussion with one of the HR folks who I work with and she said:

“You know, we [HR] all thought this [me transitioning] might be more of an issue. Yes, other people have done this, but you are the first GM to do it. You know what though, it’s just not an issue.”

That’s been my experience too, and I wasn’t sure if maybe I just wasn’t seeing it, but I’m coming around to the fact that its now just back to normal….

Side Notes: I wore heels (well, just two inches) for the first time at work today as well. I had just worn flats of various types before. I like ’em!



  1. MarkyMark said,

    Why would even think anybody would treat you any differently. Your knowledge is great and your track record speaks for itself. Microsoft is lucky to have you and the people in the room were lucky to have you attend the meeting. Knowledge is power and what you have is knowledge nobody else has.

  2. Alyx said,

    I’m sure most of that is true except that Megan is her name, actually.

    Megan>> I post this purely for humor value…

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