January 28, 2008

The DOL Says I Can Have an “F’ on My License!

Posted in Identification, transgender at 9:35 pm by Michael

Washington State DOL 

I got my letter from the DOL on Saturday (January 26), 22 days after I sent in the paperwork.

Here’s what it said:

Dear Ms. Wallent:

I have received your request to change the gender shown on your Washington driver license and the supporting documentation verifying your transition.

Your request to change the gender on your driver license to female has been approved. Our decision was based on your letter of intent, letter from your physician and surgeon, and copy of your current driver license. We strongly encourage you to coordinate with the Department of Health and the Social Security Administration to update their information as well to ensure your records are consistent.

Please present this letter to the office supervisor in the driver licensing office of your choice to receive your new license. You will be required to pay all necessary fees when applying for your new driver license. To locate a driver licensing office, visit our website at www.dol.wa.gov/officelocations.html or check the government pages in your local phone book.

Should you or the office supervisor have any questions, please contact my Executive Assistant, [Name] at [Phone Number].

Mykel D. Gable
Assistant Director
Driver Services Division


Ok, I’m glad that they did this, and that there is a procedure that can be followed. There are a couple of things on this that I think are interesting.

1. There is no published procedure from the DOL to do this. You need to call the right people to figure this out. While they give you a web address to find locations for offices, a web location for the current process would be very helpful.
2. It is positive that they list the factors that they used to approve my request. That’s very helpful.
3. The encouragement to “coordinate” with the Department of Health and the SSA – again interesting. From a Department of Health perspective, this is a non-event. I wasn’t born here – my birth certificate is from Massachusetts. From a SSA pov, I’m still male (and from a State Department perspective too – my passport has an “M” on it).
4. The “Old-School” MG:mp thing at the bottom, means that Mykel D. Gable’s admin typed this up

I feel fortunate to live in a state where it’s this easy, and I realize that many other trans-people don’t have any where near as easy as a path. So, for that, I’m thankful.


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  1. TSV said,

    Congrats 🙂 I am also a TS who is working at MSFT. I just heard about your story after following a few links from Valleywag. Judging from what I have seen, your transition looks like a very successful one.

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