February 8, 2008


Posted in transgender at 11:03 pm by Michael

I was in the security line tonight at Logan tonight and this woman behind me said:

“Excuse me, I noticed your shoes, and I love them! What is the brand? I’m going to Italy next month, and I’m looking for some nice walking shoes and those look comfy and really cool!”.

I was wearing these green Privo shoes by Clark’s that are super comfy, and I do love them.

As we were talking about her trip (we had been in August, and I was telling her about the super cool butcher in Panzano in Chianti) I was wondering if it would go “odd”, and if she was going to “read” me. Lets face it, my voice is pretty masculine.

Absolutely not! We kept talking as we went through security and we parted ways, I told her to have a great trip, and she said the same. Zero Weirdness. It was a nice moment.


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