May 22, 2008

Six Months

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Ok, I’m a few days early.

November 25, 2007 – Michael
November 26, 2007 – Megan

Talk about a step function! (

I know that I tend to go micro in the blog (as in microeconomics but this entry is a little more macro (as in macroeconomics

As an aside, Christine (and you know who you are), encouraged me to write this by asking “When are you going to start blogging again?”

Why am I writing this four days early? Well, Anh and the kids are in Hawaii this week. I was at a training class for ‘softies since Monday night (three nights, four days), and she took the opportunity to depart for warmer climes (back tomorrow night – yea!) We are going to be busy this weekend, so I probably won’t have a chance to blog much, so therefore… the update!

Me and Anh

We are great, thank you. I was talking to someone at work a week or so ago who I hadn’t seen since early November, and she asked how Anh was doing, and basically said: “Do you still live together?”

I said, “Yup, and we are really *together* too…”


“Yes, really.”

“Wow, Anh must be an amazing person!”

I could not agree more….

The Kids

Peri and John, in the end, I’m sure I’ll find out what they really thought about 10 years from now (or 15, because I’m sure in 10 years when they are 20 and 18, my IQ will drop, followed by the inevitable rise as they age) but, by all measures, they seem to be doing just fine. They still call me Daddy, because I am.

Samwich is just the Samwich. He’s 14 months old now, cute as a button and sweet as pie – except when he’s yelling at you. He likes that. I think he calls me “Da”… but, it’s not consistent, and he doesn’t call Anh anything. We were talking about this the other day, and postulate that he doesn’t call either Anh or I anything (esp Anh) because he doesn’t see us as separate from him. We *are* him (to him). As a result, there is no need to name us.

He now is attached to his blankets (especially a green fleece one… he *loves* to snuggle it).

The kids are just kids… just like any other kids….


Besides the normal ups and downs of any family, my trans-ness is old news. Nobody really cares. I can’t imagine a better situation.


Besides the fact that our schedule has been INSANE, and we haven’t seen our friends any where near enough, there’s no friend problem. If anything, we’ve gotten closer to a whole set of people.


I was worried about this one. On so many levels. Would I face “to my face” hostility? Would I lose credibility as a leader? Would this just continue to be a topic *forever*?

You know what? As long as I’m effective, I don’t think anyone cares….

The training that I was at over the last couple of days was a great example. Like with any leadership training, a lot of the learning is from your peers, not just the instructor lead stuff. The instructor lead stuff was great, but I felt like I could still be really effective (and got feedback to that effect) doing peer coaching and mentoring. Did anyone care or notice that I was trans? Well, they all knew, because I told them back in the first part of the class in March, but I think they all knew anyway….

My work challenges have so little do with my trans-ness… its just part of the mix. Work is hard (duh), but not because of anything since November. If anything, the self-reflection that I’ve *had* to do has helped me… Do I have room to grow – no doubt!


Our local community here (our neighborhood), is completely cool. In fact, we saw one of the mom’s from Anh’s mommy group last weekend at the park (when it was 80 deg F and super nice here), and she hadn’t seen me since right when we came back in December. The first thing she said to me was “Good to see you! You look great!’. What a sweetheart… she made my day.

As far as the trans-community goes, well, I think I’ve been more visible than I ever expected. I didn’t expect any notice really. The whole ABC thing was surprising. I think it worked out ok…. I still feel like a newbie.

I’ve also been invited to speak at the Out and Equal Workplace Summit ( in Austin in September, and Southern Comfort ( in Atlanta in October. I plan to do both. Will anyone care what I have to say? I think they’d rather hear Anh talk, but she is a woman of mystery. 


Physically, I’m recovered from my re-face-ification. My noggin is still numb, although a smaller part than before. Underneath my nose (the part on the same plane as my nostrils (bottom) is numb. My ears are a bit numb on the top 10%, and my lower front four teeth have lost some sensation. That’s it. Everthing else is just fine thank you…. No complications.

Surgical moratorium still stands….

Emotionally, yeah, I’m a little more sensitive. Ok, fine, I admit it. I was walking in the grocery store tonight after I had dinner, and listening to music on my phone (NOT AN iPhone), and this little interstitial instrumental that had a baby (6 months) babbling in the background. Ok, yes, I got a little sentimental, both for the days that Samwich, Peri and John were that young, plus given that they are away, I missed them. I called Anh and told her that and I felt better. I told her I was going to be cheesy in advance, and that was ok.

Look, I’m totally convinced that I did the right thing. It’s not easy every day, but every day is easier…..



  1. Wow…impressive. Congrats on forging ahead on your journey. I pray I can push forward as well. I think I can I think i can…

  2. Diana said,

    It maybe a step function but the question is… is it critically damped?

    My one-year anniversary is coming up on June 29, it has been a year of unbelievable highs and gut retching lows. I hope that it will all damping out to a nice smooth journey.

  3. Jenny said,

    your words of wisdom should be the title of your book “its not easy everyday ,but every day is easier ” you should use that line in your speeches I feel that is about the truest statement to transsition i have ever heard.I am starting over here in Florida but alas as Joe not Jenny and its because i moved in with family and those words are echoing in my heart right now …i wish you the best!!!! Jenny

  4. Violet said,

    I’m glad that everything seems to be going well for you. 🙂

    take care.

  5. Katie said,

    Hey, it’s me again! Girl-that-found-blog-then-lost-link-then-found-again-then-lost-again! It’s awesome that things are going great for you!

    A few weeks ago I saw a trailer for that movie coming out soon, (or is it already out?) “Made of Honor”. Exact thoughts as follows:
    [Trailer shows some woman at a bar.]
    And I instantly forgot about it (I have a bad memory). Then today, somehow I remembered that and found the blog again! Yay! So, here is a link to the actress that looks (or I thought anyways) like you:

    Maybe it’s my young, undeveloped mind :P, maybe it’s my bad eyesight (5.50 correction & counting!), but regardless I think she looks like you. 😀 Well wishes!

    P.S. Ha! At last, I found my other comment: . Sweetness. 😀

    P.P.S Ironically, the actress’ name is Michelle.

  6. Katie said,

    Snapple! Sorry for the double comment-ness, but I forgot to say that you have a Wikipedia page! Jealousness engaged!

    Always hilariously entertaining the masses,

  7. Samantha said,

    Hiya Megan,

    You all okay up there? In your last post you wrote:

    “As an aside, Christine (and you know who you are), encouraged me to write this by asking “When are you going to start blogging again?”’

    So I’ll second that, when are you going to start blogging again?

    We miss you, and want to know you, Anh and the wee ones are okay. Of course it’s not an iPhone, your smarter than that. Plus there are a bunch of really cool everything phones out there with a Microsoft OS. I mean I can (and often am) sitting in the park, blogging, listening to tunes and taking pictures all with my phone running SmartOS 6 and IE!

    So hopefully we’ll hear from you soon?

    Hope you’re all well!


  8. Tiffany said,

    Hopefully that’s a Windows Mobile phone you’re using!

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